Who are you

Called To Be?

You are gifted. You are called to significance. You were created for good work!

You are uniquely created for significant work that God has planned and designed for you. Our vocations are intended to be the places where we express this unique gifting in order to join God in his work of redemption.

Discouragement, bitterness, and hardship often rob us from experiencing the joy, peace, and fellowship that comes in walking in who we are “called to be.”

Through direct and purposeful coaching and discipleship, CALLED TO BE can help you to overcome your setbacks and your past disappointments. We help you to identify your gifting, your talents, and discover your calling.

standing woman holding her hat at the middle of the road during day

Confront the challenges of the past through discipleship and coaching.


Assess your God-given gifts and talents and discover how they could best be used.


Step into your desired vocation with renewed purpose and optimism.

Discipleship & Coaching

We have walked the road you're on; You are not alone. At Called To Be, we are experienced in assessing your vocational challenges. We are equipped to help you overcome those challenges. Our passion is to help you discover who you are called to be and to equip you to step, with confidence, into that calling.


Explore Your Situation

Explore your current situation through coaching and discipleship. Deal with challenges, failures, and successes.


Understand Your Gifting

Dive in to understand your passions and the unique ways you are gifted.


Apply Your Gifting

Learn how your gifts can be used for good. Then, build action steps to begin working  toward your ideal employment situation.


Discover Your Calling